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Great American Venue Search – St. Louis and Memphis

St. Louis and Memphis search has been completed, and we’ve worked out some bugs in the process. We have a number of venues in these cities that have been contacted, researched to verify that they meet our criteria, and the information cataloged in or CRM data base.


On to Nashville.


Go Tommy!



House Concerts

Here is a site that links up artists with house concerts.


We will likely be hosting house concerts in the not too distant future.


Stage 11

IT Sounds Great Media sponsors Stage 11, The Songwriters Stage, an official campground stage at the Walnut Valley Festival. Only original music is allowed to be played on the stage, so it’s a great place to come hear wonderful original tunes from some fine artists.

Stage 11 Facebook page:

Walnut Valley Festival:



The Great American Venue Search is About to Begin

Starting in 2016, an employee of IT Sounds Great Media will be travelling the country looking for great venues for live music. We will begin building a relationship with the venue owners and managers. Cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville, and Asheville just to get started. We will be blogging, video blogging, and engaging other social media as the journey continues. Check back here for major updates and links to the photo-documentation.


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IT Sounds Great Media creates audio and video, manages and promotes live events, especially oriented towards live music.